How to choose the best Carpet?

Our Carpet Range

Your choice of carpet material, colour and style will depend on who it will be used by,
how busy that area is and how much you wish to spend

Carpet Range:


Wool blend carpets are most often a mix of 80% wool and 20% synthetic fibre but are available in varying proportions.

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Wool provides superb performance with its long-lasting durability; it has a natural crimp, robustness and elasticity which means it can offer a ‘bounce-back’.

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Nylon is a synthetic carpet fiber made up of polymers which are strong and durable. It’s resistant to crushing, matting, and staining. It’s also easy

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Polyester carpeting is a synthetic fibers option that provides better stain resistance and durability than wool carpet or other natural fiber alternatives.

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Types of Material:

twist pile


Twist pile carpet is hardwearing.  It is well suited to homes with children and pets and busy offices spaces. It does not show footprints and is available in a large range of colours.

loop pile


Loop pile carpet has a textured, stylish look, wears well and is very popular in high density areas in offices and homes. No footprints visible. 

Plush carpet


Plush carpet has a dense, soft and luxurious feel. It is perfect for a space where comfort and warmth is desired. Unlike other styles, plush carpet will show footprints.

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